Get Insights on Your Energy Analysis

Understand the Factors That Influence Energy Consumption

  • Through the wide variety of internal data retrieved from your site.
  • Through external data, such as energy price trends, weather, etc.

Modelize a Reference Situation of Your Energy Consumption

Use our Data Science tool to build baseline consumption models, called “baselines”. Put this baseline in perspective with your actual consumption.

Analyze, Take Action and Better Consume Your Energy

Detect Consumption Drifts in Real Time

  • Easily identify deviations between your actual energy consumption and the baseline you have set.
  • Define alarms to warn you of any drift above the tolerance level you have set.
  • Detect consumption drifts in real time.
  • Collaborate effectively as a team for optimal decision making adapted to the situation.
  • Maintain an optimal consumption level at all times; corresponding to the reference situation.

Keep Track of Your Energy Savings

All these analysis steps will allow you to realize energy savings, which you will be able to identify, quantify and present in the form of dashboards.

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